We have a passion for small business in America. We believe that small businesses are the true heartbeat of our great country. We aim to bring business strategies that are commonly used by Fortune 1000 companies to main street.

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. — Jim Rohn


US National Debt $ Per Citizen


US Revenue $ Per Citizen


Trillion $ for National Health Spending by 2020


Average $ cost to replace two employees


Many small business owners tend to think that the cards have been stacked against them.


Because of our team’s backgrounds, experience, and education, we are aware that small business owners do not have access to the same strategies and advantages that are being leveraged by our countries largest companies.

Our mission is to bring those same strategies to our small business owner clients. Our business thrives when our small business clients are thriving. We have created models that produce win-win scenarios for business owners and their employees.


Our strategies are similar to those used by the companies you read about in the news. Most small business owners are not aware of them. We can save on average 30% for our clients.


The team with the best players often wins. Our strategies build skills in brand management, sales, marketing, leadership, and conflict management.


Individual health insurance policies that are purchased by the employee based on their personal needs and budget. Businesses then reimburse employees for their premiums, up to a set allowance amount. Business owners no longer have to choose OR manage a company group plan!


  1. Create higher levels of self awareness for each individual.
  2. Create proven systems to foster unity across the organization.
Younify Consulting Financial Strategies for Small Businesses, Law, Accounting

Vision: Uniting business owners and their employees.

Mission: To design and implement Fortune 1000 financial and human capital solutions in a turn-key package for small business owners.


  1. Make it personal
  2. Relentlessly seek improvement
  3. Honesty before harmony
  4. Be a life giver
  5. Others focused


Younify Consulting Financial Strategies for Small Businesses, Law, Accounting


As small business owners ourselves, we have been through it. An idea is born, passion builds up, and vision is created. Hard work, obstacles, disappointments, long hours, failures, and then you begin to experience success. The success you have been waiting for often comes with a brand new list of problems. Next thing you know, your tax bills eliminate needed capital for expansion, health care costs rise, money management becomes challenging, you balance quality with growth, labor costs rise, and you feel like you are in react mode every day and have lost the ability to be proactive in your business and take ground.

We have been there. We want to know that our clients have access to the same advantages that their competitors potentially do. We want to make sure that the efficiencies needed to compete in this space are utilized by our clients.

The bottom line is that we are passionate about small business in America. Small business will continue to drive our economy. Over 50% of our work force is employed by small business. We want to be an organization delivering highly impactful solutions in this arena. When we meet new clients, we often hear a theme we call “owning the prison.” Our goal is to teach our clients strategies that will give them the best opportunity to take it over again. Our strategies are meant to provide higher levels of freedom to our clients.

We, along with our clients, have experienced how running a business with mission ignites passion across the entire organization. Here are a couple non-profit organizations we support.

Younify Consulting Financial Strategies for Small Businesses, Law, Accounting
Younify Consulting Financial Strategies for Small Businesses, Law, Accounting
Younify Consulting Financial Strategies for Small Businesses, Law, Accounting


CEOs of the largest companies in the world have every skill set, degree, background, expertise on their payroll. Many of them. This is the main reason that these companies are able to leverage the most impactful strategies to facilitate growth. Imagine having more tax attorneys on your payroll than the IRS. This comes with advantage.

We have compiled a team of people with these skills, degrees, backgrounds, and expertise. Our value model is meant to put this team around our small business owner clients. Our team has backgrounds in Fortune 100 companies in the areas of legal, accounting, finance, sales, sales management, sales training, analytics, operations and technology.


  • Tax
  • Corporate


  • Forensics
  • Business Valuation
  • Fraud Examination


  • Personal
  • Corporate


  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Training



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