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Project Description


A Doctor from Colorado Springs, single practitioner working at a hospital, age 55. He has adjusted gross income of $598,782 and a 401(k) with additional IRAs. The goal is
retirement at age 66. Taxes paid in 2010 – $106,403; in 2011 – $160,000; and in 2012 – $165,000 (prior to implementing any Business Efficiency Structures).


The goal was to finance his practice’s expansion without increasing his debt. He was also trying to add additional savings to his retirement account, knowing that he would want to retire after selling his practice in 11 years.

Business Challenge

The doctor’s administration services were disjointed and disorganized. The doctor also wanted to expand to bring in a new partner who would eventually buy out his practice.

Action and Result

A business efficiency structure was implemented that allowed the Doctor to completely streamline his administration services team, recapture over $125,000 a year in accessible funds that could then be leveraged to bring in the new partner he wanted. In addition, he was able to contribute up to $500,000 per year, in re-purposed dollars, directly into his retirement account, which will result in approx. $3.5mm available by the time he turns 66.